Re-Potting a basket


It became quite cold a couple of weeks ago.  It feels like it went from summer to early winter very quickly without having a proper autumn.  The temperature goes below 10C at night, as low as 6C on some days this week.  Yesterday morning we saw some frost on Dartmoor and it went down as low as 4C early in the morning.  It can feel warm during the day when it’s sunny but feels cold as soon as the sun goes, they had the fireplace lit even during the day at Gidleigh Park and we have used our living room fire a few times over the last couple of weeks including the last night at home.  We haven’t put the central heating on yet but maybe we need to very soon.


The petunias in the basket we put on the bench in our garden looked nearly over, so we went to a garden centre this afternoon, bought a few plants like cyclamens and violas as well as some bits of green and re-potted it.  It won’t grow as large as the petunias did but having some flowers changes the look of the bench for the better.



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