Homemade Jammie Dodgers Without Jammie


When we were staying at a hotel some time ago, they served us some delicious biscuits with tea so I asked them if it was possible to get the recipe.  The staff came back kindly with a printed out recipe telling me that it’s just a rough recipe so I need to tweak it.  I meant to give it a go soon after that but I’d forgotten totally and remembered it when we were having tea at one of the hotels on this recent trip and thought “Oh, I want to try that recipe, where did I put it?”.  Thankfully I found it in a inside pocket of the bag I often carry so here I am, I gave it a go.  It’s supposed to be a Jammie Dodger recipe but we didn’t have any suitable jam so I baked them without a hole so we can have them like shortbread.  The recipe was a very rough one, basically just the ingredients, so I did some search online for methods and just went for it.


As it contains a lot of butter, the dough is very soft and sticky and quite hard to handle, so I put it in the fridge a few times while I was cutting it.  I also used baking paper to sandwich the dough when I rolled it.

バター 200g
アイシングシュガー 200g
プレインフラワー 250g
塩 0.1グラム
卵黄 40g

200g Butter
100g Icing sugar
250g Plain flour
0.1g Salt
40g Egg Yolk


Cream butter and sugar.  Gradually add flour and salt (be careful not to let flour fly everywhere).  Lastly add egg yolk.  Bake at 160C for 20 minute.


It’s not in the recipe but I was going to add vanilla extract but forgot!  I will, next time.


It’s crisp(?), crumbly(?) – difficult to describe the texture in English- then melts in your mouth, so delicious!  Although the texture is very light, it does have a lot of butter so I suppose quite rich and high in calories.




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