Anniversary Trip Day 2 / Lost Gardens Heligan


2日目はコーンウォールへの移動日でした。まっすぐ行くと2時間かからない距離だったので、途中でコーンウォールに行くきっかけとなった「ヘリガンの失われた庭園(Lost Gardens Heligan)」という庭園に寄りました。かつてはこの地を所有していたトレメイン家の大規模な農園でしたが1914年の第一次世界大戦で庭師たちがいなくなった後すっかり忘れられ、荒地になってしまっていたのを1990年から復活させる動きが始まり、今は植物をテーマにした施設になっているそうです。

On the second day of our trip we drove from Devon to Cornwall.  It was only a couple of hours’ drive to our destination so we stopped on the way at “The Lost Gardens Heligan“, which was the main reason why we decided to go to Cornwall.  Apparently, these gardens used to belong to a significant farm belonging to the Tremayne family but when the first world war started in 1914, all the gardeners left and the gardens were forgotten until they were rediscovered in 1990 and now have various facilities related to plants.


Some photos I took from our car.  It’s not easy to take photos of the scenery from a car but I love this countryside scenery in England.  Talking about countryside, I was watching the Queen’s funeral on YouTube and saw a lot of comments written by Japanese saying how “countryside” parts of it were.  Well, I don’t think we can call Windsor a countryside but to Japanese most places in England other than the centres of the cities look very ‘countryside’ because we don’t have large areas of such ‘countryside’ in Japan.  I love ‘countryside’ in England, I think it’s beautiful.











First we had a light lunch at the Heligan cafe.


My husband had Caesar Salad.


I had a sausage roll with Cole Slaw.


After having a light lunch, we walked around the gardens and saw a lot of plants/flowers, but I must say I was wondering why this place was so well known and special.  After we came back I found out that they were particularly well known for the woodland, where you will find some unusual sculptures.  We didn’t have loads of time so we decided not to go into the woodland.  Oh dear, how silly of us.  I usually do good research on the places we’ll visit but I didn’t research about this place because it was just “gardens”.  We found this part of Cornwall very beautiful and we would love to go back, so we’ll make sure we’ll take time to walk in the woodlands next time.























One of the sculptures in the woodland is this (from their website), it’s a bit … spooky…



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