Spanish Pork


In the messages/emails from my English friends in the last couple of weeks, they always say “it feels like autumn has arrived” but to me and I think to most Japanese who live in England, it feels like winter has arrived.    The lowest temperature was 6C, the highest 17C today.  I started wearing thick tights a while ago, we have the electric towel rails on in the bathroom (but not underfloor heating yet) and the underfloor heating on in my craft room.  We often put the fire on in the living room for a short time in the evening to take off the chill, too.  When I checked the weather forecast a few days go I saw a lot of sun marks in the next 10 days but now it has no sun marks at all, it says rain, rain rain!  There are a few events I’m looking forward to in October, but I wonder if it’s going to be a wet month.



Today’s dinner was Spanish Pork, which my husband used to cook often on weekends in Hong Kong and Singapore.  He was in charge today so I didn’t do much, just helped preparing vegetables.  It’s from Delia Smith’s cookery book and has onion, garlic, tin tomato, pork (we used shoulder), olives and basil.





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