Chicken With French Mustard and Sauce Diable


Today’s dinner was “Chicken with French Mustard and Sauce Diable”, which I learned at a zoom cooking class and cooked a little while ago, when I wrote about the dish more in details.  I particularly love the vegetables under chicken is warm salad of carrot, potato, and green beans.   We had it with sautéed mushrooms, which isn’t from the lesson but we had this last time as well.  We ordered “Exotic mushrooms”, which had oyster mushrooms and shimeji-like mushrooms.  When we bought a pack at the supermarket half of them were shiitake, which wasn’t what I wanted, so I was very pleased with what we got today.  All we did was to sauté  them quickly in olive oil and added salt & pepper & chopped parsley.  They would have been great with garlic but sliced garlic is under the skin of chicken so we didn’t use more garlic for the mushrooms today.






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