Anniversary Trip Day 1 / Dinner At Gidleigh Park


I’m getting lazy to take photos with my big camera, I tend to use my iPhone most of the time as it seems to take OK photos.  I still tend to use my big camera for evening meals at home because the iPhone’s photos are not good in darker places, but I totally forgot to take it with me on this trip so I had no choice but taking photos with my iPhone even in darker places – so many of them are a little out of focus.

1日目の夕食は、宿泊した Gidleigh Park Hotel で頂きました。長年ミシュランの2つ星でしたが、ここ何年かは星はついていません。個人的には星がついていたときはかなり伝統的なフレンチでとてもヘビーだったので、今の方が軽めの今風のお料理で頂きやすく感じています。ただ、癖が強いお肉類(羊、鴨、鹿など)が多いのでわたしはベジタリアンの物をいただくことが多く、ベジタリアンにはあまり力を入れていない印象です。

On our first evening, we had dinner at the hotel, “Gidleigh Park”.  Its restaurant used to have Michelin  stars (2 stars for many years, then 1 star for a while), but no star in the last few years.  Personally, the meals were extremely traditional and quite heavy when they had Michelin stars and I prefer the current style as it’s lighter and more modern.  However, even now, they tend to use quite strongly flavoured meat, often game, so I often have their vegetarian menu.  I feel they don’t try very hard on the vegetarian menu, I guess the chef isn’t very keen.






Amuse-Bouche.   In the small glass bowl there was some mashed potato, something like jelly, something crunchy – it was very tasty.  The balls were similar to aranchino, it was deepfried and rice with ragu inside.  The rectangular one was deep-fried polenta.  Both very tasty.



Both my husband and I ordered the starter from their vegetarian menu, almost all in the vegetarian menu had some sort of cheese and this one wasn’t an exception, the white thing in the middle was some kind of cheese.  The round things were potatoes and gnocchi.




My husband had Beef Filet for the main, he enjoyed it very much.



They didn’t have anything that didn’t use any cheese that I don’t like, so I ordered Agnolotti (filled with ricotta) with artichoke.  I left just the ricotta cheese but enjoyed the rest.


Pre-dessert.  I forgot what it was but it was very nice.




We both chose Soufflé for the dessert.  I forgot what soufflé  but it was very nice.



We then went back to the lounge for coffee/tea.  All the petit four are very tasty.




We had our last dinner on this trip at the same restaurant, but I liked the meal on this first day better.

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