Delayed Birthday Trip (The Cotswolds) / 3rd Day / Pub Dinner & Accident


On the 3rd day on my birthday trip, we went to a pub for dinner, which was about 10 minutes’ drive from the hotel.



As a starter, we ordered bread (it said Ciabatta) and olive oil & balsamic vinegar, but I didn’t recognise it as Ciabbata, it really wasn’t very nice bread and unlike me, who loves bread, I only had a piece.  Also the oil was rancid so not edible.  Many restaurants these days seem to charge for bread and I don’t mind it if it’s enjoyable as I feel it probably prevents a lot of waste, but at the same time I feel stupid when the bread is so bad after paying quite a lot of money for it.



For my main I had Cajan Chicken Burger.  The chicken itself wasn’t overcooked or dry so not bad, but there was so much Coleslaw (which was not seasoned much and had loads of mayo).  Although I prefer eating any burger by picking it up and biting it, it wasn’t possible as it was huge, so I had to eat bit by bit with a knife and fork – but even that wasn’t easy because the plate was just so small!  Chips were very good, though.



My husband had Sea Bass, which he said was very good.


We shared Pear & Apple Crumble for dessert, but the crumble topping was completely powder, which nearly made me cough because it was so powdery.  Crumble should have some crunchy bits.





Unfortunately, on the way back to the hotel we drove over a large stone (rock?) in the road and one of the tyres went flat by being ripped by the stone.  Thankfully this happened not far from the hotel, it would have been a few more minutes’ drive to the hotel but just a few minutes’ walk when we took a short cut, so we left the car and walked to the hotel.


My husband contacted the roadside assistance company who arranged for someone to come out the following morning.


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