Chicken Forestiere


I thought it was going to be good weather in the afternoon today, but it started to rain around 3:00pm.  Apparently it’ll be very windy and rainy tomorrow again.

今日の夕食はズルをして、M&Sのレディーメイドのガストロパブシリーズの「Chicken Forestiere」をいただきました。チキン、ベーコン、マッシュルーム、玉ねぎが入ったクリームソースのキャセロール。これを買うのは今回で3度目ですが、実は前回はチキンが硬くなっていて臭みもあり残念でした。でも、今日はとても美味しかったです。やはり、当たり外れがあるのですね。ソースが濃くなりすぎて味もしょっぱくなってしまうので、オーブンに入れる前にミルクを結構混ぜて緩めたので、良い感じに仕上がりました。

We cheated today with the dinner and had “Chicken Forestiere” from M&S, which is one of their Gastro Pub series.  It’s a casserole of chicken, bacon, mushroom, onion and cream.  This was our 3rd time to buy it, last time when we had it the chicken was tough and quite chicken-y so I wasn’t able to eat much, but it was very good today.  They seem to vary from one time to the next.  As the sauce becomes too thick and too salty, I added quite a bit of milk to the sauce before putting it in the oven and it worked well.


This item is 10 pounds on its own but you can get it with a side dish and a dessert from some choices for 12 pounds altogether, which seems like a  great deal.  This is why I ordered these 3 items on a online supermarket but the main was out of stock and they gave us just the side dish and dessert!  That is totally unfair, what are we supposed to do with just a side dish and a dessert?  We were planning to have them for tonight’s dinner so we didn’t feel like thinking of a main dish to cook, so my husband went out to get it from the nearest M&S shop, but I feel cheated.





I chose “Sticky Toffee Pudding” for dessert.  Sticky Toffee Pudding from M&S that we’ve had before was always in individual pots but this was like a slice of cake in a rectangular shape.  We were kind of complaining saying this isn’t really Sticky Toffee Pudding while we were warming it up in the oven, but it was actually very nice, I loved the nuts on top, too.  I love hot dessert with ice cream.





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