Lunch In Chichester / Giggling Squid

昨日の夜は今朝から暴風雨になる予報でしたが、起きてみると予報が変わっていて良いお天気で、暴風雨は3時ごろからに変わっていました。たまたま外出予定があったので、助かりました。お昼前にチチェスターに用があったので、終わった後、軽くランチをすることに。田舎であまりチョイスがない中、「Giggling Squid」というお店に初めて行ってみました。「笑うイカ」という名前からシーフードのお店かと思っていたのですが、タイ料理だと聞いて一度行ってみようと思っていたのでした。チェーン店でいろいろな街で見かけます。中は結構広かったです。

When I checked the weather forecast last night, it said it was going to be very windy and rain heavily from morning, but it had changed when I checked it this morning and the rain and the wind was going to come after 3:00pm, which was good for us as we had to be in Chichester a little before lunch time.  After the chore we had a light lunch in “Giggling Squid”.  We always thought “Giggling Squid” was a seafood restaurant from the name but I heard from someone that it was a Thai restaurant so we wanted to try it.  It’s a chain restaurant and we see one in many towns.  Inside was quite large.




Prawn crackers.


We had Chicken Satay and Spring Rolls from the  “Tapas” category.  We also ordered Rice Balls, which I think would have been rice balls with the herbs you use for Laab and deep-fried, but they came back and told us they were not available today.



We wanted just a light lunch so didn’t want to order items that we needed to eat with rice, so ordered Pad Thai.



We shared a large bottle of sparkling water and it was a little under £30 including service.  I guess it would have been something like £20 or less in Japan but eating out is expensive in England – although we don’t find it too bad because we lived in Hong Kong and Singapore, where it’s even more expensive.


All in all, we thought the food was OK.  It’s not authentic Thai, the chef is probably western.  It’s not so bad as we feel we don’t want to go back but it’s not as good as we would be looking forward to going back, just OK.  We would be happy enough to go back if we wanted to go and have lunch somewhere in Chichester because we were there.



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