Christmas Tree 2022


After our Thai lunch in Arundel the day before yesterday, we went to buy a Christmas tree.  Once we got it home (it just fitted in the car) my husband cut a bit off the bottom, put it in a bucket of water and left it outside. This morning he brought it in just before it started to rain and got it fixed in the stand. This afternoon we played Christmas music and decorated it together as we always do every year.  The tree last year was a very good shape, but this one is also very good, it’s a little shorter than last year but looks good.  I’ll add some more pink if I find something I like.




I was in the mood of pink this year, which is very unusual for me, so we decorated it with pink decorations.  However, I couldn’t find many and those I did find were very pale or very dark, I wanted them to be something in between.  There weren’t enough pink decorations so we mixed them with white.










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