Franco Manca


We are going to go to Tenerife in the Canary Islands from tomorrow for 6 nights but the flight tomorrow is at 8:00am so we are staying at a hotel at the airport tonight.  We don’t expect a good restaurant at the airpot so we had a big lunch and we’ll just buy sandwiches to have in the evening at the hotel.

ランチは、チチェスターの「Franco Manca」というチェーン店のサワドー・ピッツァのお店。比較的最近オープンしたお店で少し気になってはいたものの、ピッツァだしね〜と急いでトライしていなかったので、今日初めて行ってみました。結構混んでいて、びっくりしました。でも、大きなお店で地下にもテーブルがあるので予約は必要なさそうでした。

We went to “Franco Manca” in Chichester, which is a chain restaurant of Sourdough Pizza.  It opened relatively recently.  We have thought of trying it but we weren’t in a hurry to because it’s “only pizza”, so it was the first time today.  We were surprised how busy it was although I don’t think we need to book a table as it was quite large inside, there was another floor in the basement as well.



Everyone seems to be having one whole pizza for themselves so we also ordered one each and shared a salad.  It was, I think, Napoli style thin pizza without too much cheese, the dough was very chewy in a nice way and very good.  I definitely think it was the best pizza I’ve had in England.   However, the pizza was very difficult to cut, I don’t know if it’s because the dough is chewy or because the knife wasn’t sharp enough.  The table was so small that we were worried we may knock off the salad bowl by cutting the pizza because the table kept moving.


I had pizza with tomato, garlic, mozzarella and basil.


My husband had his with tomato, olive, salami, caramelised onion, chilli oil, and mozzarella.




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