Snowdrop Woods (Welford Park)

2021年はロックダウンでオープンしなかったので行けませんでしたが、イギリスに引っ越してきて最初のスノードロップの季節(2020年2月)と一昨年(2022年2月)にも行った Welford Park にスノードロップを見に行きました。2月初旬にオープンしていて中旬くらいに行きたいと思っていたのですが、予定が入っていない日はお天気が悪く、お天気が良い日は予定が入っていてなかなか行けず、ずっとお天気予報をチェックしていましたがコロコロ変わり、せっかく予定を変更したのに雨になって行けなかったりと色々あって、やっと今日行くことが出来ました。オープンはこの日曜日までなので今年は行けないかもと思いましたが、行けて良かったです。

We finally went to Welford Park to see the snowdrops today! It didn’t open in 2021 but we went there in February 2021 and also last year, so this was our 3rd time to be there.  It opens up to the public only for a month for snowdrops this time of year (though this year they are also going to open for a lightshow event) from early February and we’ve been wanting to visit in the middle of February but it didn’t work out for us.  The weather was often bad (grey and windy or raining) and when the weather was good we had some reason we could not go.  We’ve been checking the weather forecast and trying to adjust our chores but it’s nearly impossible because the weather forecast keeps changing every day.  I changed my schedule so we can go earlier this week when the weather was supposed to be good but of course it changed and it was raining that day.  We almost gave up going this year but I’m so glad it finally worked out.  It is very well-known for snowdrops, there was an article on it in a free magazine for Japanese living in England so we saw a group of Japanese ladies there last year.

今日は午前中にネイルの予約を入れていて、午後からは美容院(ペットワースでカット)の予約を入れていたのですが、週末は避けたいので少しきついスケジュールでしたが今日行って来ました。我が家からもペットワースからも車で1時間半ほどかかります。少し遠いですが、行く価値あり。最近は日本人向けの情報誌にも載っているので、去年は日本人の女性グループも見かけました。今日は 美容院を出たのが1時15分くらいで、Welford Park に着いたのが3時前(入場は4時まで)と遅い時間でしたし、時期的にも日曜日までのオープンと結構ギリギリのタイミングだったのでとても人は少なかったです。

I had an appointment with a nail salon this morning, then a hair salon in the afternoon so we left after my hair cut in Petworth around 13:15.  It takes more than an hour and a half to get there so we didn’t get there until just before 3:00pm.  As it closes at 4:00pm, and also this coming Sunday is the last day (so later in the season) we didn’t see as many people there as on previous visits.


The snowdrops that bloomed early in the season were looking a bit brown so I guess it would have been even more beautiful a week or 2 ago but it was still amazing, it is definitely worth driving far.  We walked around the snowdrop woods, had a cup of tea in the cafe and came back.  I hope we can go there again next year!




















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