Omu-Rice (Japanese Omelette with Rice)


London and many other places had some snow yesterday.  It’s said that we have micro-climate where we live and our area is a little warmer than the rest of the UK  (but only by a few degrees), my husband tells me that there was a very thin layer of snow early this morning but it was gone quickly.  They were saying it’ll snow here tomorrow but the forecast changed and no snow is expected now – disappointing!  It was very cold, though, when we went out for shopping during the day.


We had a different plan for dinner this evening but it has had to be put off until tomorrow so we needed to have dinner at home – so we had “Omu-rice”, which is a Japanese dish of stir-fried rice with ketchup and covered with an omelette.  I used onion, pepper, and Japanese sausages in the rice.  In the traditional Japanese way, you make it look like a normal omelette, which means you wrap rice in a thin layer of egg in a half moon shape.  However, recently people make it differently so it’s easier.  Well, it’s supposed to be easier but I made a total mess of it and the omelette I put on top of mound of rice wasn’t centred at all so it looks very strange.  Oh dear…  You cannot fix it because when you touch the egg it breaks!  Then I remembered another way that I used to use, you make an omelette (but very soft and gooey inside), put it on top of the rice, cut the omelette in the middle then it’ll cover the rice nicely because it’s soft and gooey.  I hadn’t made this for a long time and I totally forgot.  Oh well, it tasted the same and we enjoyed it.





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