Pasta With Bacon, Aubergine & Tomato Sauce


Today’s dinner was pasta with bacon, aubergine & tomato sauce, which is one of my favourites, it was delicious.  However, it was very filling because there were lots of slices of aubergine, which were fried in oil.  Having had pizza at lunch didn’t help.  The thing is, aubergines her are so large!  About 3 times the size of Japanese ones.  I feel you have to use the whole aubergine because the colour of the cut part changes if you leave any and a whole aubergine is too much for two of us.  I should have left some slices after frying and marinades them in olive oil so we can use them for something else later.


We also bought flowers in Chichester today – pink tulips, which I would have hated when I was young.  I guess you get to like tulips as they represent spring when you have gone through a dark wet winter here.  I used to avoid pink when I was younger, but I seem to get to like it more and more as I get older.  (My nails are very bright shocking pink today.)  I tend to use pink for flowers specially now because we can see the pink armchair beyond the dining room.  We bought 2 bunches of the tulips today, so I put one bunch on the little table (& stool) next to the pink armchair.




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