Great Dixter House & Gardens

昨日は、「Great Dixter House & Gardens」でお友達ご夫婦と待ち合わせて、ハウスとガーデンズをぶらぶらと歩きました。去年、「Great Dixter House & Garden」のヘッド・ガーデナーのFergus Garrettさんのガーデニングについてのトークを聞きに行った話をしたときに、お友達ご夫婦と「来年、気候が良い時に一緒に行きましょう。」という話になり、4月ごろから良いお天気が続くのを待っていて、少し前に日程調節をして行ってきました。

We met our friends at “Great Dixter House & Gardens” and walked in the house and the gardens together.  Last year, we went to a talk in Arundel on gardening by Fergus Garrett, who is the head gardener of Great Dixter Gardens and we talked about going there together when the weather was good.  We were waiting for a stretch of good weather in April but it wasn’t happening so we went there yesterday.


Their gardens are made to look very natural and even what most people would pull out as weeds like cow parsleys and butter cups were everywhere.  All the plants are planted very tightly so I guess they don’t have to do any weeding, they looked beautiful.  Although they look as if things are left very natural I’m guessing there is a lot of work and planning involved, including what sort of plants to have and where to put them.

わたしと夫は気づかなかったのですが、お友達ご夫婦がおっしゃるには、丁度見終わって出るときに Fergus Garrett さんを見かけられたそうで、スタッフの方に「この辺りはきちんとし過ぎてる、もっと雑な雰囲気にして。」とおっしゃっていたそうです。

We didn’t notice it but our friends said they saw Fergus Garrett just before we left the gardens and he was telling his staff to make the area, where he was pointing, less neat and more messy.  Very interesting.




It’s about 2 hours to get there from our home if there is no traffic, but it took us about 2 and a half hours due to some heavy traffic in a couple of places.  When it takes 2 hours and if we want to spend a leisurely time it gets quite late to get home, and our friends, who live near Hastings, told us we could stay with them so we did as their house was very close from there.


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  1. Hello.
    What a lovely experience! It’s great to see how nature can be incorporated into gardening, and it’s interesting to hear that even in such beautiful gardens, there is still careful planning involved.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. spiceynoodle says:

      It is interesting, isn’t it? It really is a beautiful garden.

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