Ribeye Steak


It was quite hot today, too, but not as hot as yesterday.  Having said that maybe it felt extra hot because I was working hard then to do the baking.  Our next door neighbour came home from their cruise holiday so my husband doesn’t have to water their garden any long, just ours now.


Our dinner tonight was steak.  I feel we have been having steak relatively often recently, we haven’t had it at home for a while but we had one at a restaurant on Friday last week.  As always I marinaded the rib-eye steaks and then my husband cooked them in Anova and browned the outsides.  The sauce was red wine, pink peppercorns & cream (with some of the marinade).  The side dishes were Potato dauphinoise because my husband just loves it and also some stem broccoli steam/stir-fried with garlic.  We opened wine that we had at Gordon Ramsay’s.   We enjoyed both wine and the steak, both delicious.






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