Big Lunch At Purchases In Chichester


We had a big lunch at “Purchases” in Chichester today.  We were going to have the lunch with my husband’s younger brother and his wife because they were going to a gallery in Chichester for an art exhibition, but my brother-in-law came down with quite a bad cold some days ago with high fever and coughs (the covid test results have been negative) and had no appetite so we changed the reservation to just 2 of us and my husband and I had the lunch.


My husband’s starter was Pork Belly Croquette, he said it was very good.




My starter was “Today’s Soup”, which was Tomato & Fennel.




My husband’s main was chicken breast.




My main was Rib-eye steak – I had this last time we ate here and it was very good again today, seasoned well and tasty.  The soup was quite filling so my husband did help me with about 1/4 or so of the steak.




My husband had Eton Mess for dessert.




I had “Warm Honey Cake”.





My husband had a set lunch course but I had a la carte because I couldn’t find a main dish I wanted from the course menu.  My husband had a glass of white wine, I had a glass of red wine and we shared a bottle of sparkling water and the bill (including tax & service) was £107.



My brother-in-law and his wife did visit the gallery for an exhibition in Chichester and then came over to our house after that for tea.  It was a shame we couldn’t have lunch together but I’m glad we were able to catch up with each other.  A cold/flu that gives you coughs tends to hang around, coughing disturbs your sleep and makes you tired, it’s quite a pain to have coughs for many days.  I hope he’ll get well soon.



Talking about a cold/flu, they already started giving the flu jabs in England and my husband and I are booked for a jab next month.  I’m glad we can get it before we leave for our holiday in Japan in the middle of October as the flu season will have started by then.  I remember hearing about combined jabs of the flu and covid and wonder what happened to that plan, we don’t seem to hear about covid vaccine these days, I wonder if they’ve stopped giving covid jabs completely.





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