Vietnamese Cold Noodle


When I checked the weather forecast a couple of days ago, the temperature around here was going to be around 24C this week but yesterday it changed quite a bit and said 26C for a few days and today it’s saying 28C in a few days!  In London it’s expected to go higher than 30C.  The summer is back!  Apparently, when we get a spell of high temperature in September (or in autumn in general) it’s called an Indian Summer. It’s still 21C (8:30pm), which is quite unusual.

今日の夕食は、ベトナム風の麺にしました。少し前にズームのお料理教室で習ったものと良く似ていますが、今日は、Gorogoro Kitchen のこの画像を参考にしました。


Today’s evening meal was Vietnamese style noodles.  It’s similar to the recipe I learned at a Zoom cooking class a little while ago but today I more or less followed the recipe in Gorogoro Kitchen in this vlog.

As we had left-over chicken breast that I cooked yesterday, we used some of it, it was very tender and juicy.  What I added to the original recipe was the addition of bean sprouts (blanched) and also the addition of fresh chilli in the sauce.  We also used Himi Udon instead of Somen for the noodles.  We used shiso, Vietnamese mint, ordinary mint an coriander as herbs.  Vietnamese mint has very strong aroma so we use only a few leaves.  It was very tasty.




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