Scone (Zoom Cooking Lesson)


It was hot again although it did feel less hot because it was cloudy (just thin cover) all day.  It felt OK until I started baking.  Apparently it’ll get hotter tomorrow so I’ll be spending most of the day in my cool craft room.   (I’d forgotten when I wrote this but I remembered later that I’m taking a French Baking Class tomorrow, the worst timing ever!  I’ll melt…)


Our garden designer came for tea (she comes over a few times a year to check on how our garden is doing), so I baked scones, I hadn’t baked them for quite a long time.  There are so many different recipes for scones, some use sour cream, some use yoghurt, some butter milk, some cream, some use egg, some don’t etc etc.

わたしは、先月亡くなった「イギリスのお母さん」に教えてもらったレシピでずっと作って来て、それでとても美味しいのでこれまで他のレシピにトライしたことがなかったのですが、今日は、先日の Mizue’s Kitchen のズームレッスンで教えていただいたレシピにトライしてみました。というのは、いつもはセルフ・レイジング・フラワー(薄力粉というより多分中力粉に近いと思いますが、プレイン・フラワーにベーキングパウダーなどが入った状態で売られている粉)を使っているのですが、家にあるものが随分前に開けた粉で少し心配で、代用をネットで調べてみたのですが色々な回答があって、それも結構それぞれ違っていたので決めかねてしまい、Mizue’s Kitchen のレシピはプレイン・フラワーを基本に使われていたのでトライしてみた、という次第。ずっと作ってきたレシピと大きく違うのは、これまでのレシピは水分はミルクだけですが、今回のレシピにはミルクの他に卵とサワークリーム(今日はなかったのでヨーグルトで代用)が入っていること。

I’ve always used the recipe from my “English Mum”, who passed away last month, her recipe is very basic, just self-raising flour, a pinch of salt, butter, sugar, and milk, and I think most people I know use a very similar recipe.  I always loved the way how they come out so I’d never tried other recipes, but today I tried the recipe I learned at a Zoom cooking class by Mizue’s Kitchen because the self-raising flour we had had been open for a long time and I thought it was risky to use it.  We searched online to see what I can use instead of self-raising flour but we found so many different recipes and in the end I decided to use this recipe I had from the cooking class as the teacher used plain flour as the base.  We didn’t have sour cream so used yoghurt instead and added a little extra milk because it was too dry but followed the rest of the instructions.  The major difference between this new recipe and my English Mum’s recipe is that the new recipe uses sour cream, egg &  milk as liquid and my English Mum’s recipe uses just milk.


I like my scones to be crispy outside and fluffy inside, and that’s how they came out.  However, the dough was a little too dry (I did add a little extra milk but obviously not enough) so the texture was quite rough, not smooth.  I don’t mind it so much because I actually prefer them to look nice and homey rather than smooth and sophisticated.  Incidentally Japanese always talk about the break you sometimes get in the middle, they call it “mouth of wolf” (I think that’s what they believe English people call it, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard anyone talking about it) and it’s said that good scones have to have them.  For some reason these didn’t and I don’t think I often get them but I think they are pretty good.




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