Japan Holiday / Hong Kong / Dinner At A Vietnamese Restaurant

昨日の夕食は、金鐘の駅のそばにあるベトナム料理のレストラン、Le Garçon Saigonに行きました。本当は火鍋に行きたくて2店ほど予約を試みたのですが、土曜日の夜でもあり、予約をするのが遅すぎて満席でした。満席と言っても予約では全部席を埋めないので並ぶのを覚悟で行くという手もありましたが、並ぶのが面倒なので諦めて、こちらのお店にしました。以前に2度行ったことがあり、本格的なベトナム料理ではないけれどまぁまぁ美味しいと思ったので 。

We went to a Vietnamese restaurant, “Le Garçon Saigon” near MTR Admiralty station. I had wanted to go to a Chinese Steam Boat and tried to book a table in 2 places but they were all fully booked. It was for a Saturday evening and I didn’t try until a few days ago. I’m told they don’t book all the tables so you can go and see if there is a table available and you can also queue but we decided not to as we hate queueing. So, we went back this Vietnamese place as we’d been there twice before and we thought it was not bad, although not authentic Vietnamese food.


Chicken & cabbage salad, it was good.


Chicken Pho. The noodles were very strange, not pho noodles and the soup didn’t seem like Pho either but it tasted good enough.


Deep-fried spring rolls. It did say the filling was pork and prawns but I expected the prawns not to be small ones and with a mild flavour so we ordered it, but it was actually shrimps, which have a much stronger flavour, so I wasn’t able to eat these. My husband had them all.


BBQ Okinawa Pork Neck – you eat it in a spring roll wrapper with things like salad leaves, herbs, cucumber, marinaded carrot, and pineapple. The pork wasn’t gamy at all, very tender and tasty.


Crispy aubergine. They were really crispy (nearly crunchy) and quite sweet. It was quite nice but they are deep-fried and quite sweet so not something you can eat a lot of. When we ordered the above Pho, we were told it was in a very small bowl and the waiter asked if we are OK with that. It actually wasn’t so small but we ordered this aubergine thinking maybe we needed another dish. We really didn’t and were quite full before the aubergine came.


We shared a bottle of sparkling water and 2 bottles of beer and it was HK$1,300. No wine, just 2 beer, so it seems very expensive. Like I wrote about the dinner on the previous evening, restaurants that western people and Japanese people tend to like can be quite expensive so maybe this isn’t particularly expensive here. I have a feeling it was about the same in Singapore. I must say, though, it still sounds expensive even in pounds, which is £137.

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