Japan Holiday / Dinner At Royal Host


We had dinner at a Royal Host restaurant yesterday as it was very near where we are staying. It’s difficult to explain what ‘Royal Host’ is like, I would say it’s similar to a diner in the US, but there is no real equivalent in the UK. It’s a chain restaurant, which we would call “Family Restaurants” in Japan because, I guess, it’s children friendly. Very casual, they have a lot of items on their menu and are relatively inexpensive.

Anyway, we went there because it’s one of the places my husband wanted to re-visit. When we lived in Kobe, we would go there together very occasionally but I also used to go there for dinner alone when my husband was away, just for a change from eating alone at home. He used to be away more than half a month when we were in Japan so I needed a change now and again. In Hong Kong and Singapore I had a lot of friends and would go out with some of them or would invite some or get invited for dinner but when we were living in Japan I don’t think I used to go out much other than to a weekly lesson of a Japanese craft. All my friends were working and I have a feeling going out for a meal wasn’t done so often, it was something we would only do once in a while.


There was also a Royal Host near our office when we were working in the same company and we used to go there for lunch together with our boss or my colleagues now and again. My husband really loves this bread – it’s a couple of mini mini loaves of bread, he finds it cute and enjoys the fluffy bread. I don’t know why but we Japanese call this shape “English Loaf” vs regular square loaves.


My husband had the “Mixed Grill”, which is hamburg, sausage and chicken with chips and vegetables.


I had Hamburg Gratine without cheese. I wanted Hamburg with demi-glace sauce but for some reason they had 3 different sauces for Hamburg but not demi-glace except this “Hamburg Gratine”. I didn’t want cheese so I asked them not to use cheese. It was OK but I found it a bit oily. This isn’t a gourmet food place, so it was fine.


I’m not sure if a dinner at Royal Host as our first dinner in Japan was such a good idea but my husband was enjoying being there so it was OK.


2 main dishes, 1 rice, 1 bread, 1 small draft beer and 1 medium draft beer was 4,160 yen – £23.


For dessert we went back to the apartment and had an ice cream with Aduki beans that we bought from 7-11.

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