Japan Holiday / A Little Walk In The Neighbourhood


This afternoon, we just stayed at the apartment, me doing blogging and watching Youtube and my husband listening to podcast or listeninig to music. A little after 3:00pm, we went out mainly to get a few things from a convenience store but also to walk in the neighbourhood.


When we got out of the lift of the apartment, there was a tall western guy waiting for the lift so I said “Hello!”, then my husband asked if he was renting the apartment next to us. We had a little chat and found out he was retired and was here to learn Japanese for 5 weeks. After chatting this and that we parted saying we should have a beer or something sometime.


The closest convenience store is 711 but we’d been there quite a few times so we decided to go to Family Mart, which is another group of convenience store, near Motomachi station. We run out of cold tea and sparkling water, so I was very thirsty so we were looking for a tea room / coffee shop along the way but didn’t find anything suitable until past the Family Mart. We went in one of the traditional Japanese looking (I don’t mean it looks specially Japanese, I mean it looks a typical coffee shop in Japan) coffee shop, I had “Lemon Squash”, which is very much like a lemonade (with real fresh lemon juice) with sparkling water, but is pronounced in a Japanese way, which reminded me of the time when I was young and used to have it in coffee shops.


My husband had Cafe Latte. It surprised me in a way – although I don’t know why – to find out that you can still smoke in these places. As it was nearly a closing time there was only one person, who was a friend of the staff, and nobody was smoking but you could still smell the smoke. Both my husband and I hate cigarette smokes so I reminded myself to check if the place is non-smoking in the future.


The look of residencial areas in Japan, I think, is very different from many other countries. To be honest, it’s not pretty or beautiful at all. A little residencial area in England can be very pretty but I don’t think it ever is here. However, we find it interesting. Each house, each building is designed differently. There would be a little bakery, a little cafe, a restaurant etc here and there. Just looking at each building/house, checking up the menu of each little cafe/restaurant etc and even just get a few things in a convenience store is a lot of fun to us.

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