Japan Holiday / Dinner At A French Restaurant (Mirabelle) In The Neighbourhood


Last night we tried a French restaurant “Mirabelle” in our neighbourhood, about 5 minutes from us, it was quite a casual restaurant, no table cloth, paper serviette, you take knife and fork from the container yourself – more Bistro than restaurant, I think.


Although they had course menu as well, which would have been more value for money, we didn’t find any starters that we liked so we ordered a la carte.


My husband chose this wine, it was very nice for the price (3,500 yen).


My husband had chicken liver mousse to start.


I had Kuri-pork roast ham with figs. Both of the starters were very large, specially for a Japanese restaurant, almost as big as a main.


My husband had Lamb for the main, he said it was really good.


I had Fillet Steak, it was very good, too. Both of our mains came with a lot of vegetables – yamaimo, turnip, shishito (long green vegetables, similar to peppers), aubergine with melted cheese on top, grilled red pepper, and potatoes. Larger portions of vegetables than the main meat. I particularly loved yamaimo (like yam).


For dessert my husband had Creme Brûlée and I had Chocolate Terrine. The Brûlée was very nice but Chocolate Terrine was different from what I expected.


It was all very good although I would say the seasoning level is on the higher side, just on the border that I can eat. The only complaint is that the portions were too big for us. I would say the starter could be half the size and also the vegetables of the main could be half as much. The restaurant is very small, I think the chef is the owner and his wife was serving and we were the only customers last night, we felt too awkward to leave anything on our plates and as everything was good we did finish it all, but it really stuffed us.


Including a bottle of wine, the bill was 13,000 yen, which is about £70. I think we pay that much even for a not-so-good pub food in England, it is amazing that there are thousands of this level restaurants around here.


6 Chome-6-7 Nakayamatedori, Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0004


My cold seems to be 80% better. Unless I get a set-back, I’ll probably be feeling normal tomorrow or the day after.

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