Japan Holiday / Okonomi-yaki For Dinner (Chokonomi-yaki)


My cold is nearly gone and I feel totally well now. I feel very relieved that it didn’t develop into a coughing type.


For today’s dinner we tried an Okonomi-yaki & Teppan-yaki place near us (just a few minutes walk) called “Chokonomi-yaki”. Apparently they serve okonomi-yaki with chocolate inside, that’s where the name “choko (choco)” is from. We didn’t order it, though.


The place was one of the very traditional old-fashioned type small places that we’ve had for decades, very small, about 10 high chairs along the counter. It’s a sort of a place where only the people who live in the neighbourhood would go to. I would feel intimidated to go in on my own, but fortunately, the restaurant owner and the customers were all friendly. They were all watching a baseball game of Hanshin Tigars vs Hiroshima Carp.


You get a little dish of something per person – they were a mayonnaise salad of cucumber, pretend-crab fish thing and stir-fried sliced celery.


Our first order was Yamaimo (similar to Yam) cooked on the grill and seasoned with dried basil, oil and salt & pepper. Some were cooked thorughly so had similar texture to potatoes, and some were still slightly crispy. Very nice.


Okonomi-yaki with pork and egg. Very little flour and a lot of Yamaimo paste was used so it had very soft and slightly runny texture, different from how I cook it, as mine is light and fluffy with a slightly crunchy texture of cabbage. This was very enjoyable, too.


Soba-meshi, which is stir-fried chopped noodles and rice with chopped pork, chopped bean sprouts and some cabbage.


Tofu Steak. Very hot, very soft, very good. This is half of the portion.


Then some pork sausages. I feel we can cook sausages just the same at home but my husband wanted them.


Then some persimmon was served (on the house).


Including 4 draft beers, it was 5,960 yen (£33 – can you believe it?). What can you eat with £17 per person including 2 beers in England?


The baseball match was 1:1 until the 9th innings but Hanshin Tigers gained 1 then and won the game.

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