Japan Holiday / Walk In Ohori Park in Fukuoka


I’d forgotten to write about our visit to a park in Fukuoka. When we finished our brunch in “Bill’s” in Fukuoka yesterday, we still had plenty of time before our Shinkansen, so we went to “Ohori Park” and walked around the lake. It was quite nice at first but it was so bright and sunny and the temperature was up to 26C, I got too hot to be able to enjoy the walk. It wasn’t bad under the trees but there was a large area where you get the sun directluy on you so even with a parasol it was very uncomfortable. I couldn’t believe it was so hot in November.


My sister told me that they predict it being hot even in November this year but I didn’t expect it to be that hot. It is November! In Kobe I can usually walk in the shade so I don’t get so hot, but in Fukuoka it was higher temperature and not shady. I realised later that it does tend to be hot in parks because in Japan there aren’t that many trees.


Still, I feel I shouldn’t complain about the sunny weather, it isn’t humid so it’s not so hot if you are in the shade. In England they’ve been having such bad weather since we left, lots and lots of rain and even a storm or two. It’s not as if we can expect the weather to be nice in winter in England so I can imagine people feeling a bit down.


I also forgot to say what I always say in the beginning of each month, it’s already in November and we have only 2 months to go this year. What’s left of our holiday in Japan is also getting shorter and shorter and I’m starting to feel a bit sad.


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