Japan Holiday / Family Dinner / Sumiyaki (Yakitori)


I had lunch out then dinner out yesterday, which is now unusual. We are running out of time so we kind of had to. Although lunch was light enough, I also had tea with my friends and also had quite a few glasses of water while we were chatting, so I didn’t feel hungry at dinner time. I didn’t think I’d be able to eat much but I ended up having as much as usual. The dinner wasn’t until 8:00pm, so that helped.


We had dinner at a Sumiyaki / Yakitori restaurant “Asuka” in Koshien with my sister, her husband and my brother. We’ve been going there for quite many years, we have been there with my Mum when she felt well enough to go out for a meal, so it must be at least 10 years.


A little something they serve first – tofu, beef & mushroom.


Chicken sashimi. I don’t eat it but everybody said it really delicious. I don’t know how safe it is. I did a little search and found a lot of “don’t eat chicken sashimi”.


Tanba Black Soy Beans’ Edamame. Yum.


Chicken fillet with shiso & ume.


Roasted Ginko Nuts. When you peel the very thin skin after the hard outside shell, the inside is so green, plump and beautiful. Yummy, too.


Pork belly, very tender, sweet, not gamy, delicious, something I’ve never had in England.


Chicken Ball with an egg yolk.




Grilled fried-tofu.


Garlic Toast.


Inner bits of chicken. I don’t eat them.


I forgot to take photos but they had chicken livers as well. Not all of them but in general we ordered 5 of each stick and 2 of plates/bowls for each item. My husband had 2 draft beers, I had 1. Others had 2 non-alcoholic beer and 1 ginger ale. The bill was 21,000 yen (£113) altogether, so 4,200 yen (£22) each. Everything was delicious and we had quite a lot of food, so it sounds inexpensive to me, but I don’t know if it is for Japan. Maybe slightly more expensive than a standard yakitori place?

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