Japan Holiday / Bits & Pieces


So, this is the last night in Japan on this holiday, we are taking a flight from Kansai Airport to London tomorrow evening. After coming back from shopping this afternoon, we had tea and cake,then did packing. We packed everything we can put in today so we just pack what we are wearing and washing bags etc that we’ll need tomorrow morning. We’ve already sent one suitcase, one hanging bag and one large Boston bag to the airport a few days ago, so we just need to take one suitcase and hand luggage to the airport limousine bus tomorrow afternoon.


We aren’t leaving this apartment until soon after lunch time, so we’ll clean the place in the morning, have an early lunch then leave. There were a few things left that we wanted to finish, so we had a few bits and pieces after we got back from the dinner.


“La France” pear that a friend of mine gave me.


Chocolate terrine that we bought from Koukasha and froze. I took them out of the freezer and moved them to the fridge yesterday. It was yummy but I was so full so my husband had most of it. Oh, we also had Shine Muscat grapes that we had put in the freezer.


No photo but my husband finished off the little bits of cheese that we had left – Brie and Stilton. There are 2 Japanese sweets with bean paste filling in the freezer and a few Shine Muscat grapes in the fridge (not frozen) and one apple (it’s very large – fruits tend to be large here). I wonder if we can finish all of that before we go.

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