Roasted Aubergine Fan





Light dinner again – a vegetarian meal today.  The main is aubergine fanned out and filled with onion, tomato, cheese and garlic – I followed this recipe but added garlic. The aubergine was so large, there wasn’t enough room in any of the oven dishes to fan out properly.

I made a couscous salad and yoghurt sauce (garlic, lemon juice, salt, pepper, mint).  I don’t like yoghurt myself but it’s for my husband as I thought it’ll go well.  If we hadn’t had chicken for two days in a row I would have served left-over chicken breast from yesterday as I think it’ll go with these, too.

It took longer than expected so we started eating the half that was done first leaving the other half in the oven – so the below is a quarter of an aubergine.  It doesn’t look half as nice as having a half nicely fanned out.





It tasted just as you imagine and we liked it.  However, unfortunately, the skin was very tough.  I’ll use Japanese aubergines next time, they are smaller and their skin is usually tender.






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