Curry Spaghetti & The Godfather


Today’s dinner my husband cooked was Curry Spaghetti.  The original recipe is very mild but we spice it up.  It has onion, raisin & coconut in the sauce.  The taste depends largely on the curry powder you use.  As I tend to use individual spices when I make curry I don’t often use a packet of curry powder so I forgot we had run out – so he had to use a mixed spice designed for  “butter chicken” today.







Weekends seem to go so fast these days.  Last weekend (I think…) we started to watch “The Godfather” – to get in the mood of our holiday in Sicily that we are planning.  This weekend it was Godfather 2, spread over two nights.  We had our main holiday last year from late October and we are planning to have this year’s one from the middle of April so this year’s holiday will come very quickly.



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