Pancake Cannelloni


The 1st day of the Chinese New Year weekend today – but we don’t do anything special for Chinese New Year (the only things I have to do is to give some red envelopes with money to the staff of our condominium) so it’s just a long weekend but we love long weekends!  Apart from Christmas holiday my husband is forced to take, this is the only weekend longer than 3 days in Singapore.



Today’s dinner my husband made was Delia Smith’s Pancake Cannelloni. It’s quite a lot of work – you have to make pancakes, meat sauce and white sauce – but he doesn’t seem to mind, it’s one of the easy one for him because he’s made it so many times and it always comes out delicious.  We wish we could get good pancetta here easily, though – we used to be able to get it in a normal supermarket in Hong Kong but here you have to make a special trip just for that and it’s not always good, so we tend to use bacon instead.  I find it’s hard to get good quality cured meat here.


(The battery of my camera was gone so only an iPhone photo.)



写真には写っていませんが、食後はチーズをいただきました。久しぶりに赤ワインと一緒にいただくチーズは特別美味しかったです。チーズ教室で教えていただいて購入したチーズ    (シャビシュー・ドュ・ポワトー、ガプロン、ボーフォール)が美味しくて、リピートしてしまいそうです。

Not in the photo but we had cheese as a dessert, which was specially nice because we had it with red wine after a month of having it without any wine.  The cheeses I bought after the Cheese Appreciation Class (Chabchon du Poifour, Gaperon and Beaufort) were so good, I’ll probably buy them often.







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