Creamy Horseradish Chicken


I didn’t feel we ate so much at lunch time but we must’ve as neither of us were very hungry this evening.  Dim Sum tends to have quite a lot of fat so I guess that’s why.

今日の夕食は、チキンの胸肉を茹でたものをマッシュポテトの上に乗せてクリームソースをかけたもの。付け合わせは、ケールの蒸し炒めと人参。Australian Women’s Weekly のレシピです。ソースには、青ネギ、白ワイン、レモン汁、ホースラディッシュ、ディジョンマスタード、ディルが入っています。レシピにはマッシュポテトはありませんが、お友達のお宅でご馳走になった時にこの組み合わせがとても美味しかったので、以来我が家でもこうしています。このお料理の時は柔らかいチキンが合うと思うので、焼かずに沸騰したお湯(お塩と酒か白ワインを加える)に入れてごく弱火で1分煮てから火を止めて蓋をして30分ほど置いたものを使っています。

Today’s dinner was “Creamy horseradish chicken” from Australian Women’s Weekly.  For vegetables, I steam-sateed kale and boiled some carrots.  In the sauce, there is green onion, white wine, lemon juice, horseradish, dijon mustard & dill.  I think dill is very important here.  In the recipe, it’s served on a bed of spinach but I serve it on mashed potato – that’s how my friend served it to me when I stayed with her and I really like the combination of the creamy sauce and the mashed potato.  I cook chicken differently, too.  Rather than frying, I put it in a boiling water (with some salt and sake or white wine), cook it on a very low heat for one minute then turn it off with a lid on and leave it until I use it – about 30 minutes.  This way, the chicken is tender and there is no hard part like when you fry.


As I said, we weren’t very hungry and the chicken breasts we get in the butcher I get them from are very large, so shared a half breast – which was just about right.  Less mashed potato than usual, too.  My husband said he didn’t like Kale so much but I really like it.

カメラの電池切れで、iPhone の写真です。

The battery of my camera was empty so the photo was taken by my iPhone.



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