Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to everyone!


How sad that already many people were killed in Istanbul by terrorism!  When we were planning the special birthday holiday for my husband a couple of years ago, I asked my husband to choose one between Marrakesh and Istanbul as those two were the places I really wanted to visit.  If I’d just asked him to choose anywhere at all he would have said Italy, but I wanted it to be somewhere we had never been to.  At that time, Istanbul wasn’t so dangerous but now I feel it’s not safe enough.  It’s so sad that so many people have been killed in Istanbul by terrorism in the last couple of years.  I pray that one day there will be no war or no terrorism in this world.


Last year I forgot to buy Mochi (rice cake) for New Year but this year I remembered, and we had some for lunch today.  My husband likes sweet sauce better so I make one with soy sauce and sugar and the other with Kinako (soy bean powder) and add some sugar.  I would personally like soy sauce and nori best but forgot to buy any nori.



It looks strange to use Japanese dishes on a Christmassy looking table….



Hope 2017 will be filled with happiness.

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