Lunch at Patara (Thai) at Tanglin Mall


I had lunch with a couple of people who live in the same condominium.  I’ve had lunch and had a card making session with one of them but met the other lady properly for the first time (other than talking a minute or so in the lift sometime ago).  I always get a little nervous for such a gathering but they were very easy to talk to and I had a very nice time.  Their mutual friend was going to join us but in the end she wasn’t able to, so it was just 3 of us.  We went to Patara (Thai) at Tanglin Mall.



One of the dishes I always order – olive rice.



Mince chicken salad.




Green chicken curry.



Stir-fried mince chicken with basil.



Stir-fried morning glory with chilli and garlic.



We also ordered 2 bowls of jasmine rice and a bottle of sparkling water.  When we made the order we thought we were going to be 4 so we ordered a little too much and there was a little of everything left over, but it was all good.  One of them had a S$50 voucher, so it was S$35 per person – very inexpensive for what it is thanks to the voucher.


Sadly one of them is leaving for Japan for good next month already, although we only just met.  Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to get to know the other lady as she isn’t leaving yet.



Patara Fine Thai Cuisine
163 Tanglin Road
#03-14 Tanglin Mall, 247933

Tel: 6737 0818

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