Common Man Coffee Roaster

わたしはよくお友達といろいろなカフェでランチをする機会がありますが、夫と土曜日のランチは大抵便利の良いところですませてしまうので夫が行ったことがないカフェがたくさんあります。少し前に「Common Man Coffee Roaster」に行ったときに夫が今度土曜日に行きたいというので、昨日行ってきました。ちょうど12時ごろに着くように出たところいっぱいでしたがカウンターは空いていました。(帰る頃には少し列が出来ていましたが、空いているテーブルがあったのであまり待たずに入れる様子でした。)

I go to different cafes for lunches with my friends but my husband doesn’t have a lot of chances to try different ones as we tend to go to the same cafe that is convenient for shooping afterwards on Saturdays.  I wrote about the lunch at Common Man Coffee Roasters with a friend the other day and he said he wanted to go there, so we went yesterday for lunch.

We got there around 12.00 and it was very busy but we were able to sit at the counter.  (When we left there was a short queue but I saw some empty table or two so I don’t think they needed to wait long.)




My husband ordered Common Man Turkish Breakfast.  Sadly the eggs were not soft at all so he didn’t enjoy it very much.




I ordered Common Man Full Breakfast.  I didn’t like the bread, which was soggy, and the tomatoes being fresh rather than cooked but everything else was very good.  It was too much for me, we probably could have shared it because I had only about a half of it.  My husband helped me, though.





It’s a very nice lively cafe and the food is in general good.  The staff is nice and friendly, too.



Common Man Coffee Roasters
22 Martin Road 01-00
Singapore 239058

Tel: +65 6836 4695




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