Handmade Christmas Cards


It’s December from today, only 1 month left this year and Christmas is just around the corner.



My husband was in Hong Kong on Wednesday and yesterday (got back last night very late) on business.  We lived in Hong Kong many years before Singapore and both my husband have lots of memories in Hong Kong and love the place.  He sent me a few photos of Christmas light up from Hong Kong (lights on buildings are not on yet but decorations in hotels and shopping centres are up), which made me want to fly over immediately.  The Christmas decorations in Hong Kong (in most area anyway) are so sophisticated and beautiful unlike here, I wish Singapore tried harder…

さて、昨日ずっと作りたかったクリスマスカードを作りました。クリスマスローズのスタンプを使ったカードです。Yana Smaklaさんのこのカードがとってもエレガントで素敵で、作る気満々でスタンプをオーダーし少し前に一度チャレンジしたのですが、クリスマスローズのスタンプを押すのがとても難しくて(レイヤーを重ねていくタイプのスタンプなので合わせるのが難いのです)上手く行かず、諦めてしまいました。たまたま、このビデオを見て(スタンプが発売されたときに見たのですが忘れていました)「あ〜、そうだった、こうすれば上手く押せるのだった!」と思い出し、ビデオを見ながら再チャレンジしてなんとか出来ましたが、何箇所か失敗しましたし、とにかく時間がかかり、とても疲れました。3枚作るのに5、6時間かかったと思います。

I made some Christmas cards yesterday.  I bought a set of Christmas rose stamps because I loved Yana Smakla’s this card, it’s so beautiful and elegant and I did try to stamp the flowers the other day but failed miserably.  I found them so difficult to stamp (they are layered stamps so difficult to stamp right) and not forgiving at all.  Then I came across this video of Dawn Wolesiagie and remembered this was the way to stamp them.  I did watch the video when the stamp set came out but forgot all about it.  Following the video I was able to stamp them.  I did make some mistakes and it took me a long time to make 3 cards, I think it took me 5 or 6 hours.


I’m taking antibiotics, which is giving me queezy feeling and stomach upste so that could be a part of the reason why I felt so tired but I was really exhausted by the time I completed these 3 cards.  I usually enjoy making cards that are time consuming but these were not just time consuming but quite tricky, I cannot recommend my card maker friends who come to make cards to make these, many of them don’t enjoy time consuming cards.  Anyway, I do love the cards I made, it was worth taking time.  I’d love to make more but I really shouldn’t, I have to make many more cards to send.

作り方は、このウェブサイトのページをご参考になさってください。インクが違うのと(クリスマスローズには、Color Box の白のピグメントインクと Papertray Ink のSoft stone 、葉っぱには Papertray Ink の Simply Chatreuse とHero Arts のHero Arts Shadow Ink Soft Olive を使いました)、メッセージのスタンプが違いますが、他の材料は同じものを使っています。メッセージが違うのでお花や葉っぱの位置も多少変えています。

If you’d like to see how to make these cards, please go to this link.  I used different ink (for the flowers, I used white pigment ink from Colourbox and Soft Stone from Papertray Ink, for leaves Simply Chatreuse from Papertray Ink and Soft Olive of Hero Arts Shadow Ink) and used a different sentiment but other materials used are the same.  As I used a different sentiment, I adhered flowers and leave at slightly different positions but mostly the same.


Red berries do make them festive and Christmassy so I used them for 2 of the cards but I left the last one without them because I quite like it without pop of colour.  I think I actually prefer it without red.













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