Holiday In Cape Town & Eastern Cape / Chefs Warehoue (Beau Constantia)

ケープタウンで事前に予約をいれていたレストランの最後の1つ、「Chefs Warehouse」は最初の5泊宿泊したコンスタンティアという地域の「Beau Constantia」というワイナリーにあります。やはり、予約が取りにくい人気のレストランです。結構山道を登った高台にあるので、景色がとてもきれい。今回の旅行では綺麗な夕焼けを見る日が多かったのですが、この日もそうでした。

One more restaurant that I booked well in advance was “Chefs Warehouse”, which is in a winery, “Beau Constantia” near where we were staying in Constantia for our first 5 nights.  It’s one of the most popular restaurants in Cape Town and hard to get a table.  It’s quite high up so the view is spectacular.  We had many days, when we had beautiful evening skies, and we had another beautiful evening sky when we were there for the dinner.







In Cape Town they seem to all love me the style of ordering a few small dishes and sharing “tapas” whatever the cuisine of the food, and here they called theirs Tapas, too.  We were told to order about, I think, 9 dishes between two of us.


I thought I saw their menu somewhere but I cannot find it anywhere and as it was more than a month ago when we had dinner here I cannot remember much about the food.  I remember the bread was good here (while bread in Cape Town in general was not) and the Vietnamese style fresh spring rolls were very good, but I don’t remember about others very much.  This probably means that we didn’t’ find the food fantastic but also not so bad.


Some plates were very enjoyable, some were not to our taste, I think.  Salt level was high like other restaurants in Cape Town but the portions were very small and we shared them between us so it was only one or two mouthfuls each – so even when it was very salty I was able to eat it.  I do remember also that the staff in charge of us was very nice – professional, friendly and accommodating.













Many restaurants we went to in Cape Town had beautiful views, perhaps it’s nicer to go to them at lunch time rather than dinner time to enjoy the view in the daylight.

Chefs Warehouse Beau Constantia
ERF1026 Constantia Main Rroad
Glen Alpine, Cape Town, 7806, South Africa

Tel: +27 21 794 8632

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