Holiday In Cape Town & Eastern Cape / Cafe BonBon (Franschhoek)

Franschhoekからケープタウンへの移動日は、今回ケープタウンで休暇を過ごすにあたり色々アドバイスをいただいた南アフリカご出身のお友達がお勧めの「Cafe BonBon」というカフェでランチをしました。Le Petiteという有名なワイナリーに併設されているカフェです。

On the day when we moved from Franschhoek to Cape Town, we had lunch at “Cafe BonBon” – a friend who is originally from South African had recommended that we have lunch there.  It belongs to a winery “La Petite”.



As this friend told me I must book a table in the front garden, where you see the fountain, and I did so.  However, it was a particularly hot day, above 34C.  Most of the time in and around Cape Town it was OK in the shade, even when it got hot because the humidity was very low, but even with low humidity and in the shade it was uncomfortably hot at this place, like being in an oven, so we sat inside.  Although I was told I should book here well in advance it was actually very quiet, with only a few customers.  I’m sure it gets very busy at the peak times, but October when we were there is considered not to be such a busy time and most restaurants and cafes were not very busy – with a few exceptions.









We didn’t like bread in most restaurants we tried in South Africa, but the bread here was very good.  In many places you get bread that’s like sandwich bread with some grain but we finally had something similar to French bread here.



Roast baby beetroot and grilled pear salad with caramelised onion, goats cheese, red and white quinoa, thyme and sherry vinegar dressing.  I think the ratio of the quinoa seemed too much, but I think we enjoyed it.



Slow cooked pork belly pulled and crumbled, orange and walnut barley, red onion vinaigrette, crackling.  I tried a little bit of “walnut barley, red onion vinaigrette” and liked it very much.



Roast chicken breast, pasta, homemade arrabbiata sauce, blackened corn salsa.  I think I enjoyed this.



There were a few cakes on display and this Lemon meringue Pie caught my eye.  When I was in England staying at a host family, the mother used to bake this and so I had to have it.



Sadly, this was much too sweet for me, I just had one small mouthful.  I love meringue but not when it’s so sweet…



So, the dessert was too sweet but we enjoyed the rest of the lunch.

Cafe BonBon Restaurant
La Petite Dauphine
Excelsior Road
Franschhoek, 7690
South Africa

Tel: +27 21 876 3936

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