The Thai Forest

昨日のディナーは、再びタイ料理レストランの「The Thai Forest」に行きました。デザート以外は、前回とは違うものをオーダー。海老トースト、マンゴーサラダ、グリーンチキンカレー、ご飯。サラダとカレーの辛さを聞かれてミディアムとお願いしましたが、辛めでした。辛めですがお砂糖もたっぷりで甘いので、わたしにはちょっと甘すぎました。タイ料理も甘すぎるところが多いですね。デザートは、バナナのフライ。

Yesterday we went back to the Thai restaurant “The Thai Forest”. Except the dessert we ordered different dishes. Prawn toast, mango salad and green chicken curry. They asked how spicy we wanted for the salad and the curry and we asked for medium, I would say they were quite spicy so their standard is on a spicy side. Although they were spicy they were also quite sweet. I find many Thai restaurants use a little too much sugar. For the dessert we had fried bananas.


With 3 beer, 1 small bottle of sparkling water it was £51 (after adding tip). It’s about 1/4 to 1/3 of Singapore, I would say. Wherever we go it’s less than a half of Singapore.

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