Japanese Vegetable Curry


We had dinner at home finally. We were going to do this for a few days now but we got engrossed in unpacking and tidying up so much that we forgot the time and it was too late to cook dinner after getting back to the cottage.


We cooked Japanese vegetable curry using Japanese curry roux.

う〜ん、なんだかコクがないし色も薄いしイマイチ。ルーはスーパーでは見つからないのですが、Waitrose のオンラインサイトにはあるので、日本のSB ゴールデンカレーのルーをオーダーしたのです。いつもは3種類くらい混ぜるのですが、1種類しか手に入らないのでそのせいなのか?チェックしたところ確かに日本で作られてはいるのですが説明は英語なので、輸出用なのでしょう。内容が同じなのかどうか、定かではありませんが思っていた味と違っていて残念!ご飯は、Sushi Rice を買ってみました。こちらもまぁまぁ。オンラインで日本のお米も買えると思いますがので、次回は日本のお米で。

Ummm, not very good.,, it seemed to lack depth, the colour looks too light, too. We bought Japanese curry roux on Waitrose online store because we couldn’t find it in actual supermarkets. I always mix 3 different kinds, but there is only one kind available here so that was what I used. We checked the box and it is produced in Japan but I suppose it’s made specially for export because everything written on the box is in English. I don’t know if the content is exactly the same but it didn’t taste as I expected. We tried “Sushi Rice” rice but again it was just so-so. I should be able to buy Japanese rice online, so hopefully next time we cook rice it will be the proper Japanese type.

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