Chicken With Horseradish & Cream


食後のデザートは、フレッシュのラズベリーと、Gidleigh Park でいただいたチェダーチーズと冷蔵庫に余っていたブライトン・ブルーチーズ。さっそくプレゼントにいただいたチーズボードとチーズナイフも使いました。


Yesterday’s dinner was Chicken Breast With Horseradish, Dill & Cream Sauce – from Australia Women’s Weekly.  We didn’t use spinach as in the recipe but had carrots and sugar snap peas instead.  Since I first had this dish at our friend’s place I’ve been cooking it quite often.  I love the combination of mashed potato and the sauce.  The recipe tells you to fry the chicken breasts in a frying pan, but I feel it goes better with the sauce when it’s very tender so I poach them.

For dessert we had fresh raspberries with Cheddar Cheese we were given at Gidleigh Park and some Brighton Blue Cheese that we had in the fridge.  We put these on the board with the knives that we also got from the hotel.

Since we arrived in England, my husband and I have been cooking together and cleaning up together.  Depending on the menu, one of us will be a chef and the other the sous-chef.  For cleaning up, I’m more fussy so I wash up and my husband dries.  Although we use the dishwasher for certain items, we don’t want to use it for good glasses and the dishes that we want to use for many years as they tend to get scratched.  So far we’ve been hand washing most of them.


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