House Renovation – Ensuite Bathroom of the Master Bedroom


It’s been a very mild winter in most places in the world, but I saw they had quite a lot of snow in Tokyo yesterday.  Cherry blossoms and snow together!  I know there was quite a lot of snow in Umbria in Italy, too, as our friend posted a photo this week with snow.


We are having strange weather here in the south of England, too.  It’s sunny one minute, then snow, then hail, then sun, then sleet, sun, hail….  It’ll be 2C tomorrow morning and will be cold for the next few days.


Back to the renovation. This time it’s our master bedroom’s ensuite bathroom.  This took the longest time of all the works we had done, exactly 4 weeks.  When we first moved into the house there was a small ensuite bathroom (just a shower, no bath) for the master bedroom and right next to it there was a family bathroom (just a bath, no shower) – both had a toilet of course.  Unlike the US, traditionally, typically, there is only one bathroom in a whole house even when it’s relatively large with another toilet in England until maybe about 10 years or 15 years ago.  Now many people have an ensuite bathroom to the master bedroom as well as a family bathroom.


As we are just 2 of us and there is also an ensuite bathroom for the guest room as well as a cloakroom downstairs, we decided to put the ensuite bathroom and the family bathroom together and have a larger ensuite bathroom for the master bedroom.  We haven’t used a bathtub for years and years but it does get cold here and I thought I may want to enjoy a bath now and again so we had both a shower booth and a bathtub installed.  The colours are off white and light grey with some black accents.  After the work started, I saw a black bathtub (just the outside was black, inside white) in a magazine and I wished I’d chosen something like that, I didn’t even think other than white.  I am happy with this, though.  I asked to make the whole bathroom as a wet room – the floor tiles are the same all over the bathroom, there is no booth for the shower, just a glass wall.  Usually the knobs for on-off, temperature and water amount are very close the the shower head but we asked them to install them where you go in so you don’t get wet when turning it on.







No mirror or lights yet.

For hygiene, we asked them to put a low wall between the toilet and the sink and with the interior decorator’s suggestion toilet area is surrounded with the same tiles are the floors so you can keep it clean.  As I wrote before, the toilet is made in Germany but is the Japanese “washlet” style.  The lid and the seat can go up and down by touching a button on the side and the flushing button also works by touching very lightly.  The seat can be heated, which is lovely this time of year, and there is all that fancy water shooting up as well.





Tiles on the walls we picked are these off white and textured ones.  We love the look.  I hope it’s not going to be a problem to keep them clean.



The tiles of the floor have a stone-like texture with a marbled pattern of grey and white.



実は設計途中でミスがあり、どこかで長さが1メートル長くなっていて、一度設計をしてからインテリア・デザイナーさんが気づかれ設計し直し、ダブル洗面台だったものを大きめのもの1つにして、ファミリーバスルームのドア部分を壁にすることになりました。もう1つのドアも残しておいた方がどちらからも入れて便利だったのですが、実際の広さでは全然無理でした。途中まで1メートル長いバスルームを想像していて広いシャワールームを思い描いていたのでがっかりしてしまいましたが、元々なかったわけで、途中から狭くなった訳ではないので(頭の中ではそうですが 笑)仕方ありませんね。すごく広いわけではないのですが、もちろん以前のシャワールームに比べれば倍以上でシャワールーム部分に閉塞感がなくなりましたし、落ち着く色合いで気に入っています。

Somewhere along the line, a mistake was made with measuring the size of the bathroom and it ended up 1m shorter than at first designed.  Fortunately, our interior designer noticed it and we had to change the layout plan.  A large single sink instead of a double sink and giving up the door of the original family bathroom.  We would have liked to keep the door but it wasn’t possible after losing the 1m.  Not that we lost it, it was 1m shorter to start with, I know, but somehow it felt like losing it!  Anyway, although it’s not huge, it is large enough to feel very comfortable, much larger than the original ensuite bathroom.  It doesn’t feel closed up when you are under the shower at all as you just have a glass wall on the other side to the wall.  I love the colours, too.


I guess it’ll be a while before we get the mirror and the lights, but we have the ceiling lights so it’s not a problem.  Once other area is tidied up, we’ll start making this bathroom look a little more homey by putting some plants, candles, ornaments etc.



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