Chicken Schnitzel & Salsa


I went to a hair salon for the first time since lockdown today.  For a couple of reasons I wasn’t able to get an appointment for a hair cut until early August at another hair salon, but I’m glad I was able to have my hair coloured finally.  Although I did dye where very visible a few weeks ago, the part I coloured is slightly faded and the bottom half wasn’t done.  The hairdressers were all wearing face shields and I was wearing a mask.  I haven’t been out much and where I did go to I didn’t see people wearing masks.  The places like the farm shops we go to have limited number of people inside and you don’t come to a close contact with anyone, so this was the first time in a long time that I wore a mask and I must say it’s not very comfortable (but necessary).


Three friends of mine who live in Singapore messaged me saying how they are having problem with their skin on their face because of wearing a mask recently.  It’s uncomfortable enough here, where it is relatively cool, it must be so uncomfortable in hot places like Japan and Singapore.


Soon, it will become compulsory to wear a face covering in shops.  I feel one of the major reasons why Japan has been doing quite well with the coronavirus is because everyone wears a mask, so I believe this is a good thing.  However, it must be very uncomfortable if you have to be wearing it all the time while you are working.


Today’s dinner was Chicken Schnitzel & Salsa.  Chicken breast has been thinly sliced, breaded and shallow fried served with salsa.  This recipe is from this blog post (but in Japanese only).  This is one of my husband’s favourite.  The salsa goes so well with the Schnizel, too.  My salsa is onion, tomato, cucumber, red & yellow pepper and coriander leaves, and the seasoning is a lot of lemon juice, salt & pepper – very simple.  While we were having it, I had this niggling feeling something wasn’t quite right and I know now.  I usually serve this with some roasted small potatoes.  My husband made the salsa while I was working on the chicken, but he didn’t say anything either.  What a shame as they also go nicely.  Still, it was very enjoyable even without the potatoes.



There is some chicken Schnitzel left, which will be used to make Chicken Cutlet Sandwich tomorrow for lunch.


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