Autumnal Hydrangeas (Blue/Purple)


Early this morning the temperature dropped to 0 and apparently there was some frost in the morning.  Although my iPhone tells me the highest temperature was 11C, our own thermometer we have in the garden didn’t go higher than 8C.  It’s still almost 20C inside but it does feel colder.


Our subscription flowers arrived today.  They were supposed to arrive yesterday, there was no message from them about the delay, this annoys me as it wouldn’t happen in Japan.  Is this normal here or is it just this company?  Anyway, the flowers are autumnal hydrangeas again, the last time they were green with some dark red, this time blue with purple.  Very pretty.


The photos have lots of noise because it was quite dark when I took them.  Using iPhone didn’t help but it usually works OK.  It was around 3.00pm when I took these photos but it was already quite dark inside with a very strong sun coming in from the side as the sun is getting lower these days.  Now it’s 4.30 and the sun is just setting and inside the house is very dark if we didn’t have the lights on.









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