House Renovation – Craft Room


One room that hasn’t finished renovating – my craft room.  It was converted from the garage to a room in early January but it needs bookshelves and other storage units to be built in as well as finishing off the IKEA units so they look a part of the built-in furniture.





The shelf units along the wall with a window in the photo above was from IKEA and my husband built them for me sometime ago, but we’d been waiting for a couple of chests of drawers to put along the wall opposite of that and they arrived a few days ago.  My husband has been working on them and finished building this morning.  I nearly gave up to have drawers because it was very hard to find the right sort at a reasonable price, I thought maybe just the vintage haberdashery drawers would be enough but I’m glad I decided to get these as well.  A lot of the stuff I have for card making are small things and drawers are more suitable.





The work on building the new bookshelves and storage shelves etc will start on the 1st March.  I don’t know how long it’ll take but I’m guessing maybe about 3 weeks, it does involve quite a lot of work.  I really cannot wait to have my finished craft room and put things in places and start making some cards!

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