White Asparagus & Minestrone Soup

そろそろ、ホワイトアスパラガスの季節です。シンガポールではドイツ産のフレッシュなホワイトアスパラガスが簡単に手に入ったのですが、去年イギリスでは見つけられず食べそびれてしまいました。去年は厳しいロックダウン中だったのでスーパーで探したわけではなく、オンラインスーパーで探した時になかったのです。なので、今年はオンラインで取り寄せられるところを探してオーダーしてみました。「Fine Food Specialist」という以前から気になっていたオンラインのグルメショップで見つけました。他にもグァンチャーレやチーズのバノンなど欲しいものがあったので、一緒に。

It’s time for white asparagus.  We used to be able to get fresh white asparagus from Germany easily in Singapore but we didn’t find any here last year so we missed them.  It was during the very strict lockdown so it’s not that we looked for them in supermarkets, I just checked on the online supermarket we were using at the time now and again, but never saw them.  So this year I decided to search online and order from “Fine Food Specialist” – I also ordered some guanciale and Banon (cheese) at the same time.


They arrived today, so we had white asparagus for the starter and Minestrone for the main.  We haven’t had a lot of vegetables for the last few days so lots of vegetables today.


I think the classic way to eat white asparagus is with Hollandaise sauce but I personallhy find Holandaise sauce heavy and I feel I cannot taste the sweetness of white asparagus, so I prefer having them simply with just salt and lemon juice and olive oil.  I also prefer the crispy texture so I don’t cook until they are completely soft like you often have in restaurants.  (I steam them for 8 minutes.)  Today we had them with soft boiled egg but it was very hard to peel the shells while they were still hot and impossible to cut in half cleanly; I think poeached eggs work better.  Still, they tasted delicious together.  I think they’ would go with cured ham well, too.





In the Minestrone, we put onion, carrot, celery, a little butternut squash (that was left in a corner of the fridge), garlic, tinned tomato, cabbage and potato.  I season it lightly and add some miso at the end, just enough to add the depth of flavour but not as much as you can taste miso flavour.  It was very good.




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