Easy Supper


旅行から戻った金曜日は疲れていると思い、少し前にトライして割と美味しかった Marks & Spencers の野菜とレンティルのスープとパンと食後のチーズが夕食でした。当日は1日雨が降っていて、途中何度かしばらく豪雨だったこともあり3時間のところ(途中寄り道しましたが、その時間を除いて)4時間近くかかり、結構疲れたので簡単なものを予定していて良かったです。

I still have a couple of posts about our trip to the Cotswolds, but I’ll do that later.

On the day we came home, which was Friday, we expected to be tired so we had bought Marks & Spencers Vegetables  & Lentil Soup in advance and we had this, followed by some cheese afterwards.  That day it was raining all day and very heavily for some parts of the way so it took us 4 hours instead of 3 hours (we did stop at a place but excluding the time there) and we were feeling quite tired so it was good that we didn’t need to cook.



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