Chilli Con Carne



Recently, we noticed that the days are getting quite a lot shorter comparing to the longest time when it was light until about 10.00pm but now by the time we start having dinner, it is getting darker and by the time we finish washing up it’s very dark. When I checked the weather forecast, it was supposed to be good weather this week, but it’s been quite grey today and looks like it would be this way in the next one week or so.  Also I don’t know what happened to the heatwave we were supposed to have this week, it said it would go to 27C on the day after tomorrow and we’ll be hit by a heatwave, it doesn’t look like that now.  Weather forecasts here don’t seem to be often right.  Still, I’m happy if they were wrong about the heatwave, I don’t like hot weather, specially in England as the country isn’t really equipped for that.

Today’s dinner was Chilli Con Carni, my husband’s favourite.  It was tasty as always.





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