Lunch In Chichester & Coffee Morning


I had to go to a hair salon in Chichester yesterday so after having my hair done I had a quick lunch with my husband at “Carluccio’s”.  My husband had spinach and ricotta cheese ravioli and I had pasta with spicy sausage.  My pasta was cooked too long and it wasn’t piping hot (I guess it was sitting around until my husband’s ravioli was done).  We’ve eaten here a few times but I guess they aren’t consistent.  Even when the sauce tastes good, I cannot enjoy over-cooked pasta.





This morning, I was invited to “A Coffee Morning” by our next door neighbour.


I wrote this a little while ago, but they have a Japanese daughter-in-law so she said she would like to get togetehr with her and her next door neighbour (the opposite side).   She baked lovely chocolate muffins, which we enjoyed, and chatted non-stop for 2 hours.  I hadn’t spent much time with any of them so there were plenty things to talk about.  It’s been a while since I had a girls’ get-together.


I don’t think “Coffee Morning” is a thing in Japan, but here and the US and maybe in Europe, it seems quite a popular way to get together.  I guess it’s the time people with small children are free and this way you spend only a couple of hours until lunch time and it wouldn’t drag on.


As they know we’ve been renovating our house and garden they were very curious of the results, so I would love to host a coffee morning with them next time in a month or so.


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