As it was sunny today after so many rainy or grey days, we went for a walk.  We parked our car in a car park, which is just a few minutes’ drive from home, and walked in the woods.  Having had rainy days recently, the ground was very muddy, the walking path is very narrow and covered with wet leaves if not mud, so it was quite hard to walk.  You also have to walk between thorny branches.   Not really my idea of pleasant walk.  Still, it’s good for me.  I thought we walked quite a lot but it was only a little more than 3000 steps (a little more than 2km).  As these woods are large we didn’t see many people while we were walking but the large car park was quite busy.  Brits love walking whatever the conditon.



I guess Japanese people are enjoying the special New Year foods today, but we had gyoza.  There were still  quite a lot of the gyoza that we ordered online in the freezer so we decided to have them for dinner today.  I remembered that they were quite strongly seasoned so we used just black vinegar and chilli oil in the sauce, no soy sauce.  Even then after one or two they started to taste too salty so we ended up having some rice with it.  I think they taste quite good, I just wish they didn’t use so much soy sauce in the filling, you really need rice and beer with them!



These gyoza can het broken so easily, so you need to handle them very gently.  When I first cooked them many of them fell apart.  I learned my lesson and  I managed not to break any today.



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