Garden Update


We were only away for 3 nights, but the weather has been so good that we noticed quite a lot of difference in our garden since we left.


There are now some tulips flowering.  Tulips were not in the plan of our garden designer, she told us that they can get disease and don’t work very well so she recommended to plant them in planters and that is what we did.  However, the ones that my husband planted the year before last had been scattered around when they did the renovation and we are finding them here and there.  So far, these 3 in one clump and 1 far from these are already flowering.




Muscalis were not in the plan of our garden desinger, either.  These are also what my husband planted the year before last, they are getting larger and taller this time.




I think this one is Russian snow drop, this is also what my husband planted the year before last.




The purple anemones are doing well, too.  I expect more and more to come out in the next few weeks.




My husband and I have been wondering what these very small blue flowers were.  Looking at the planting map, I guess these are Chinodoxa Sardensis.









The cherry tree has gone past the peak and there have been a few petals on the ground, you can see a lot of leaves, too.




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